IVT Releases Commercial Bluetooth mesh Stack


        The Bluetooth SIG officially announces Bluetooth mesh on 19th July, 2017. As the only wireless solution provider in China mainland who takes participants in the definition of Bluetooth mesh protocol, IVT releases Bluetooth mesh stack: BlueLet mesh which can be running in Windows and embedded OS. IVT also releases Bluetooth modules and Bluetooth\WIFI combo modules which support Bluetooth mesh. In order to solve Bluetooth mesh networking access issues, IVT develops Bluetooth mesh gateway products as well and provides total solutions for smart home, industry, medical\fitness, smart agriculture and other industries which applies for mesh networking.

Modules supporting Bluetooth mesh:

Bluetooth gateway(module) supporting Bluetooth mesh and could access:

Windows CMD line control program supporting Bluetooth mesh:

Bluetooth mesh contributors acknowledged by The Bluetooth SIG:

Name Company
Robin Heydon Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.
Jonathan Tanner Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.
Victor Zhodzishsky Broadcom
Wei Shen Ericsson
Christoffer Jerkeby Ericsson
Bogdan Alexandru NXP Semiconductors
Martin Turon Google
Robert D. Hughes Intel Corporation
Marcel Holtmann Intel Corporation
Brian Gix Intel Corporation
Simon Slupik Seed Labs
Piotr Winiarczyk Seed Labs
Danilo Blasi STMicroelectronics
Yao Wang IVT Wireless Limited (Note:no bold in orginial text)
Rustam Kovyazin Motorola Solutions
Uday Agarwal Cypress Semiconductor
Vasilii Aleksandrov Motorola Solutions
LC Ko MediaTek
Omkar Kulkarni Cypress Semiconductor